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A new era of future steel

China Baowu ranked No.1 in production of crude steel in the world

The latest statistics show that China Baowu Steel Group Co., Ltd. produced 95.22 million tons of crude steel last year, surpassing ArcelorMittal's 89.8 million tons, and ranked first in the world. Its operating performance ranks among the top steel companies in the world. 

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China Baowu actively explores the path of integration in the development of large enterprises, vigorously promotes professional integration. It optimizes the allocation of upstream and downstream integration of the industrial chain; at the same time, it integrates similar business assets to reduce lateral homogeneous operations, duplicate construction and disorderly competition. It strives for ultimate specialization in exchange for higher capabilities, aims at extreme high efficiency, cultivates "champions" in various professional fields, and realizes ultimate high cost-benefit. Today, the tar processing capacity of Baowu Carbon, a subsidiary of Baowu China, ranks No.1 in the world. Baowu`s industrial structure layout has already taken shape; the Ouyeel Co., Ltd., as an industrial internet merchant platform, has been continuously improving its industry status and market influence.

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Entering the new era, China Baowu focuses on "green, smart, quality" as the key point to lead the high-quality development of the steel industry. In terms of green development, Baowu is accelerating the realization of the China Plan - the goal of low-carbon, even zero-carbon emissions in the iron and steel process. In terms of smart manufacturing, Baowu is enforcing the production process reengineering, management reform and efficiency improvements, increasing the level of essential safety, and enhancing employees' sense of gain, security, and well-being based on "wealth, leisure, and fun." Baowu has now realized the remote control of a blast furnace in Zhanjiang, Guangdong, thousands of miles away from Shanghai. Baosteel's Baoshan base was selected as the "Global Lighthouse Factory" this January. In terms of the development of high-end products, Baowu keeps the direction of pursuing high-quality products. High-end steels such as automobile plates and silicon steel have become its shiny business cards. Baowu strives to make breakthroughs in key core technologies and products. Six new products including high-performance mooring chain steel made their world debut last year.