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More than transport

Logistics is more than merely transporting from A to B! To enable our customers’ projects to run smoothly, we adjust both the shipping pallet itself and the loading onto the means of transport to their individual needs.

We deliver our products in such a way that our customers can unload without any waste of time. We take into account all the conditions regarding pallet weight, number or location of the blanks.

Customized packaging

Depending on the flow of production, we deliver our Tailored Products on disposable wooden or steel pallets. The investment cost for the re-useable steel variant usually pays for itself quickly: Because they are custom-made, transport and storage areas can be optimally filled. In addition, steel pallets offer perfect handling in the process. The pallet goes directly from the loading platform into the forming die. We also place great value on optimization when transporting our coils: We can adapt coil weight to make sure that trucks are loaded efficiently.

Bead-geometry for ideal processing

We are perfecting straight stacking for easy processing of the blanks. Depending on requirements, we will provide beading on any desired point on the blank – not just the edges. We are also flexible in the bead format: Round or oval. We produce what our customers want.