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Tailored Blanks

Optimized sheet metal parts

Tailored Blanks are made from individual steel or aluminum sheets of different thickness, strength and coating which are joined together by laser welding. This manufacturing process ensures that the right material is used in the right place.
There are many advantages to using Tailored Blanks: Tailored blanks make joining operations such as additional reinforcements and overlapping joints on the car body superfluous, intelligent material usage reduces the total weight considerably – supporting the automotive industry in achieving mandatory CO2 targets.

Benefits at a glance

  • Lightweight construction: The right material in the right place reduces the part weight.
  • Cost reduction: High-quality and expensive materials are used only where absolutely necessary.
  • Increased crash performance: Higher strength material can be used in highly stressed areas. This increases rigidity and achieves better energy absorption.
  • High material utilization with optimized nesting.
  • Lower investment costs through fewer parts in tools and assembly lines.
  • Improved corrosion properties due to the elimination of overlapping joints.
  • Improved forming behavior

Areas of application

  • Body shop: Side panels, Doors, Wheel arches, Side members, Floors
  • Chassis technology: Integral subframe, Shock towers
  • Seating technology: Backrests
  • Exhaust technology: Exhaust shells
Jörg Maas
Head of Sales | SCM
+49 203 60017-251

Delivery range

We provide Tailored Blanks in all carbon steels, aluminum and stainless steels. Thicknesses may vary between 0.6 and 3.0 mm. Welds are possible up to a length of 2,800 mm.

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