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Patchwork Blanks

Targeted strength using local reinforcement

In the automotive industry, additional metal sheets strengthen parts in many areas by being welded onto the part after forming. Patchwork blanks allow for precise strength at the right places: We attach additional single sheet, called a patch, onto a basic blank using spot welding or remote laser welding. Blank and patch can then be formed easily. The use of a patch is worthwhile. In this way, automobile manufacturers save money, weight and expense in the shell because they can dispense with additional reinforcements on the finished part.
Double advantage: The cost and weight advantages of Tailored Blanks can be fully exploited by combining them with patches.

Benefits at a glance

  • Reducing the number of parts: The patch replaces the need for additional reinforcements.
  • Only one forming tool: The need for separate forming of the reinforcing sheet is eliminated.
  • Cost reduction.
  • Reducing production time: Only one part is installed.
  • Very high fitting accuracy.
  • Less space needed in the shell.
  • Possible to combine with classic Tailored Blank.

Areas of application

  • Body shop: A/B pillars, side members
Eva Cazzaniga
Key Account Manager
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Delivery range

We manufacture Patchwork Blanks in all carbon steels. The method is suitable for both hot and cold forming. The blank can vary from 0.6 to 3.0 mm in thickness, as can the sheet thickness of the patch. When connecting the patches to the basic blank, 5 to 70 or more welding points can be set. Welds are possible up to a length of 2,800 mm.

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