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Complete resumption of work

The construction of the Baosteel Zhanjiang Iron & Steel No.3 blast furnace system has returned to normal

After hard and successful works in fighting against the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), Baosteel Zhanjiang Iron & Steel Co., Ltd (Zhanjiang Iron & Steel) has completely resumed its construction of the No.3 blast furnace system. Until now, 2,600 constructors have returned to work

Worker in production plant

Zhanjiang Iron & Steel has cautiously and delicately carried out its resumption work in developing a working method of synchronous deployment, screening, management and supervision, setting up an epidemic prevention and control workgroup for the construction crew, strictly executing the mechanism of “daily report” and “zero report”, compiling epidemic prevention guidance and materials, taking various measures to make sure the prevention and control work are solidly implemented in each construction unit. Furthermore, it held a conference of resuming the construction project and made detailed arrangements in plan making and division of responsibilities

First of all, in order to make sure the construction crews’ safe and organized return from their hometown, Zhanjiang Iron & Steel assign specific person, special buses and special routes for them to prevent any risk of contact infection. Secondly, it helped to solve the accommodation problem for a large amount of construction crew by negotiating with nearby communities. Thirdly, to guarantee their personal safety and health, Zhanjiang Iron & Steel has also equipped the constructors with over 2,000 protective masks and nearly 10 kilograms of disinfectant. Additionally, the construction units were required to check the constructors’ health and travelling information, and build personal records for each of them. Upon arrival, everyone is ought to show their health certificate and fill in the letter of commitment to comply with the epidemic prevention rules before check in the residences.

To ensure the safety of health of the construction units, major senior managers of Zhanjiang Iron & Steel also went to their working areas, residence halls, and quarantine areas to check if every epidemic prevention and control efforts is well implemented.